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NFL: United we STAND. Divided we kneel...

Yesterday Dave Ohhhh let us know about that murdering piece of garbage Ray Lewis. And it further ruined what is already a terrible NFL product. Roger Goodell has already destroyed a once great game. This year's big move? Leaving it wide open after every touchdown that some uneducated moron is going to get 15 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Dave writes:

It sucks seeing that first thing in the morning.

You know, if these professional players REALLY want to make a statement, then they should all go on strike and forgo the millions of dollars that they make. Then we'll see who is really serious about what they are protesting. And nothing would speak louder than that.

(Noun: 'national anthem' -- a solemn patriotic song officially adopted by a country as an expression of national identity.)

If they, the players who do not respect the song and our flag, are not going to identify as one of us, then they shouldn't continue to gain financially from us.

Until then, they will continue to be viewed as half assing it and disrespectful to all of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. What would Pat Tillman think...?

United we STAND. Divided we kneel. We're on the verge of a nuclear world war and as a country we continue to rip ourselves apart from the inside. It truly is a sad time in American history.

This will be the last generation of uneducated punks who can become millionaires via the brain killing puke that is the NFL. Mark it.

Like that? You'll love Mark Dice ripping the brain dead NFL a new one over idiotic national anthem league killing stunts.

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