'Quitter' Geno Smith takes swing at Craig Carton | Bob's Blitz

'Quitter' Geno Smith takes swing at Craig Carton

Geno Smith can't take a punch but he can subtweet one.

Same guy who was calling me a thug on some lame radio station was running a Ponzi scheme?? Funny how life works, can't believe these fools!

In 2015 Craig Carton said that Smith deserved to be booed 'Because no NY Jets fan wants Geno Smith as their QB.' And CBS lost the tapes (as predicted).

Funny thing? Boomer Esiason said in 2014 that the Jets invented Geno Smith's injury because 'Geno Smith is a quitter' with 'no backbone.' And Craig agreed.

No mention of thug. Actually as late as 2016, Craigy was complimenting Smith for going to that Miami boot camp with Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown.

And WFAN probably not offering the back-up a job anyhow.

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