Sid Rosenberg: I know tons of personal stuff on fat petty Mike Francesa that I won't reveal

Sid Rosenberg: "Mike Francesa is overrated. His show is incredibly boring, he repeats himself a thousand times, he's very monotone, his use of the English language is brutal and his interviews suck. I know tons of stuff on him that I won't share. I will never go on the air and talk about someone's personal life."

Sid added, "Craig Carton is a cheap rip off of me who got personal & Boomer was right there laughing along."

Bernard McGuirk heard tons of people say Craig Carton was a Sid Rosenberg / Chris Russo rip off. Tons.

Never heard one.

Here's the June 28, 2012 interview Sid Rosenberg did with Boomer & Carton for the WFAN 25th Anniversary celebration.

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