As fans bolt the NFL & NBA Phil Mushnick rips Roger Goodell & Adam Silver collective new ones | Bob's Blitz

As fans bolt the NFL & NBA Phil Mushnick rips Roger Goodell & Adam Silver collective new ones

Roger Goodell & Adam Silver usher in a brand new phase of sports: Pissed off fans.
TV and sports have combined to vastly under-represent, if not ignore, a significant viewer and customer base: Those who know good from bad and are sick and tired — very sick and very tired — of being treated as taken-for-granted fools. And if I read the wind and emails correctly, those viewers and customers are bailing out, perhaps never to return, because the games and telecasts fall further and further beneath their dignity.

During FOX’s Seattle-Giants telecast Sunday, a commercial depicting a corporate endeavor on behalf of Boys and Girls Clubs appeared, with Odell Beckham Jr. mixing with the kids — as if Beckham, likely the most all-about-me player and urination mime in Giants history, is a good influence on kids.

Justin Timberlake has accepted the NFL’s invite to perform during this season’s Super Bowl halftime. Anyone with a sense of right from wrong and any regard for their dignity — not to mention ours — would have disqualified Timberlake’s reappearance following his sudden, violent pull on Janet Jackson’s studded leather outfit to reveal one of her breasts to 144 million U.S. viewers at halftime of the 2004 Super Bowl.

And Commissioner Goodell, with no better idea, wants him back. Or is that the idea? Is Timberlake back to serve the sizzle, hold the audience in anticipation?

While this is the NFL season for taking a knee, the last Super Bowl featured Beyonce and her dance troupe in an ambush salute to the Black Panthers, which assassinated many police officers — black, white and Latino — as a matter of indiscriminate mandate.

Where was the protest, the outrage? Did Goodell know this was coming? Did he approve? Did he later explain or apologize? But it barely made news. Hey, everyone loves Beyonce!

Anyway, as frequently advertised, there’s a new show coming on NBC-owned USA Network, “The Cromarties.”

It’s described as a “real-life situation-comedy” about former Jet Antonio Cromartie and his family. He’s the father of 14 children by nine women. Hilarious!

And unless I’m reading the wind and emails incorrectly as the race backwards continues, for many it has already concluded at the finished line.

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