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FAIL: The dirty little secret at Mavis Discount Tire much does a $106 dollar tire cost you at a typical Mavis Discount Tire in New Jersey?


That's a nice Sunday surprise. You expect somewhere around $424. Say, $464 with mounting. $496.48 total with tax. And you get? $599.11

That $106 dollar tire is now running you a cool $150 bucks. Installation Center Overhead and Stocking Fee? What the hell? Mavis owned by Ticketmaster?!

Think about that next time you hear a Mavis commercial on the radio...

*Update - reader sends this note: "Ha! Funny you post this because I'm currently, literally in a fight with them over my son's car. I call with make, model, year and the tire size of his car. They quoted me $89 per tire. I send my wife and daughter to drop his car off and they tell them, no it's $99. per tire, but they wouldn't put those tires on the car! Up-sell them to $109 per tire."

"Why the hell did I call with the year, make and model if the tire you quoted me won't go on that car???? They used to be STS and I had no problems with them, but screw Mavis."

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