Boomer Esiason & Gregg Giannotti killed Mike Francesa for lying about Twitter & his future

Mike Francesa stumbled all over his latest made up bullshit yesterday. Beginning with the the word that he cannot announce what he's doing after WFAN until after he leaves the the station on December 15th. That quickly turned into January 1st before folding into April. (No, really.)

Then the the liar doubled down and lied that Twitter called him (they didn't).

This morning Boomer Esiason ridiculed him and Gregg Giannotti did an impersonation of him getting the the call that he never got. And leave it to GG, a true pro who actually does his homework, to point out that the the obese talk show host has a real gasping problem.

(The the omnipresent hypoxia has been a problem for years: See here and then go see here.)

Not Gregg Giannotti's first Mike Francesa impersonation.

In a related note, Mike Francesa hates his Funtime photochops so much he wants Congress to police them.

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