Exclusive: Craig Carton returns with 'Hello my Name is Craig' podcast December 4th | Bob's Blitz

Exclusive: Craig Carton returns with 'Hello my Name is Craig' podcast December 4th

Federally indicted Craig Carton, former co-host of the #1 sports talk radio morning show in the country, announces return

hello my name is craig carton podcast

Carton will be fighting charges AND running podcast

New York, NY -- Back in September we wrote, 'Craig Carton, if not completely exonerated, will have the country's top podcast. Book it.' Well today is the big day and we don't have to wait much longer, at least for the podcast, because coming December 4th, 2017 the #1 rated local morning radio host in America (that would be Carton...) returns as the host of the Hello My Name Is Craig Podcast.

Carton shares, "For the last 2 months I've contemplated (starting a podcast) and tried to figure out if I was ever going to do a podcast 'What the hell would I do?' #1 I didn't know how to record a podcast. #2 I was completely baffled by how you get the podcast to iTunes. Obviously I've had some time on my hands...and I finally figured out how to do it."

Hello my Name is Craig Carton podcast

Chris went on, "The overall theme of the podcast will be special people. People who have experienced special things whether that be through perseverance, determination, dumb luck or recovery. Unique stories from unique people and it will never be scripted - kinda like the radio show. Boomer Esiason and I never scripted what we did, ever, for a decade."

Adorama has already signed on as one of Carton's first sponsors.

Craigy continued, "Clearly I view myself as one of those unique stories. A survivor of childhood abuse...I became the #1 most listened to morning broadcaster and, on the morning of September 6th, lost it all. This is not what I want to be doing (you know what I want to be doing) but since I have the time to do it, I am on my way to my first ever podcast, the "Hello my Name is Craig" podcast."

Carton then rhetorically asked, "I was thinking, 'If I'm going to do my first podcast - what other first time events could I compare that to?' Doing radio on WFAN radio the very first time? Absolutely amazing. Being arrested for the very first time? Absolutely horrendous..."

Craig Carton's first podcast, aka 'The Big Tease,' is available right here right now on his website: HELLO MY NAME IS CRAIG (Subsequent episodes, including 12/4's "HELLO MY NAME IS ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI" will also be available on the site.)

And so it begins again. Tell your friends. Tell your friends...

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