It's almost official: Boomer & Giannotti in the Mornings

2 sources at WFAN indicate that we are just dotting i's and crossing t's (and there's several i's and t's in Giannotti until the studio is changed we're gonna just wait and see) away from CBS' Gregg Giannotti sliding into the new Boomer & Giannotti in the Mornings show as predicted months ago.

2 interesting side notes came across as well: "Did you notice how downtrodden Jerry Recco was this morning?" And, more importantly, "There's always been conversations around here about Eddie Scozzare. Eddie keeps all of his drops and the speed at which he can pull them to himself. Feels it's the best way to job security. It isn't."

Personally not buying that ES would be going anywhere unless he wanted to but guess one never knows. Then again, Recco is still there.

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