Boomer Esiason mocks Craig Carton's podcast as Al Dukes besmirches the latter & Mike Francesa

After yet another interminable back-and-forth with failed co-host Jerry Recco - Boomer Esiason turned to ex-partner Craig Carton's podcasts, and all that other stuff. Esiason asked Al Dukes what the first thing he would do at WFAN if he replaces Mark Chernoff as PD. Dukes' reply? "Well some of the tougher personalities (Carton, Mike Francesa, et al.) are no longer here 'for various reasons' so that would be a little better for me."

Esiason, "Yeah, they're fighting it out in the podcast world. It's unbelievable."

Mike Francesa has a podcast?

Obviously any PD who has not fired Recco AND who made the decision to hire the Terrible Trio has to be on the chopping block quite soon...And Esiason? Guy who hates Joe Montana every morning at 4AM when his alarm goes off? Yep - guy has been taking shots at Craig Carton since his arrest.

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