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NY Radio Message Board owner blasts WFAN's Terrible Trio

NY Radio Message Board owner Allan Sniffen just blasted WFAN's Afternoon Drive Terrible Trio as we have done since December of 17.

...The afternoon show is terrible at the moment. Too many voices, too much insider nonsense and not enough caller interaction.

For example, yesterday (or the day before) I heard a big long discussion about one of the Super Bowl reporters getting in the face of a coach who comes off like [Bill] Belichick. The fact that I don't know the name of the reporter or the name of the coach tells you all you need to know. It's way too insider for the casual sports fan. It went on and on and on with the three of them giggling and laughing among themselves. This is *Superbowl Week* and this is what you're wasting time on? I turned it off. BORING.

I don't see this getting fixed. This is a structural problem with the show rather than an execution problem (which could be fixed). I also don't think that either Bart Scott or Maggie Gray are bringing anything to the table. [Chris] Carlin can do talk radio so let him do it. If there must be a co-host (ONE!) then maybe it's Maggie.

Didn't WFAN learn anything from Francesa? PACE PACE PACE!!!!! C'mon. This show is dragging because there are too many voices and too much self indulging chit chat.

I'd hire Sid Rosenberg for this shift if I could get him away from WABC. I think he's proven he's on the wagon for good and his appeal is right where it should be for sports talk. He's got the right PACE.

You need two things to be successful at sports talk. Knowledge of sports (obviously) and an ability to pace a radio show. Especially -- ESPECIALLY -- in afternoon drive (the daypart, not the show title).

Bart Scott is a clown who doesn't have a good grasp of the English language AND wanted to know how the Giants can't "draft Eli Manning's predecessor" with the 2nd pick in the upcoming NFL draft. (Same guy who thought Marlins owner Derek Jeter was the team GM.)

The embarrassingly bad Maggie Gray? She, who once spoke for 77 straight seconds, showed her intelligence by mangling the line 'feet to the the fire' with, "Ya know they don't want to throw his feet intothe fire." She followed that up by mocking someone's appearance topping this garbage all off by mocking Vikes QB Case Keenum's 5 years in college not leading to an MD degree -- dropping, wait for it, eight 'likes' in 25 seconds (with plenty of 'ya knows' and 'I means' thrown in to boot.)

The delusional Chris Carlin adds that he feels that they have a chance because there are smart people involved. Where are the smart people? Who the hell let the host of the #1 sports talk radio station's afternoon drive ask Tom Brady, "Tom, if this doesn't work out - will you consider the XFL?" like one of those asshole Inés Sainz type 'reporters' who show up for Super Bowl interviews

Blow them up.

And just if you needed some further proof -- Here's a 4 minute sample of just how awful WFAN's Terrible Trio clowns are.

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