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WFAN's Terrible Trio is not as bad as we expected

We've tuned into the Terrible Trio, aka The Afternoon Drive with Carlin, Bart, and Maggie, for 10 minute slots 4-5 times since they debuted last week and...while we thought they were going to be horrible - they're actually much, much worse.

Chris Carlin? He stutters all over himself. "I, I, I...and, and, and...but, but, but..." while trying to introduce a point. And one feels he is simply trying to introduce a point. A forced NFL point in order to get the 3 arguing. Not good radio.

chris carlin afternoon drive wfan

OK, bad enough. Non-organic sports talk radio is bad sports talk radio. But Carlin's arguing with an ex-NFLer. It's similar to the stupidity of Jerry Recco debating Boomer Esiason on the topic. Should be in Bart Scott's wheelhouse, right?

Nope. Speaking some 'Right? Right? I mean, ya know...' form of English - Bart Scott knows less about the previous weekend's NFL games then callers do. (Gregg Giannotti comes in at 6AM and can tell you everything that went on Wild Card weekend. Plays, calls, even what announcers said and all that other stuff. Scott? He doesn't remember 25% of 4 games.) "Linebacker, um....#45 I think." No, that doesn't cut it. Callers talking specific plays and Bart gets the back-and-forth wrong - while the caller names the player first? Horrific.

Imagine this guy if he makes it to the MLB season. He'll be so out of his element...and he's out of his element right here right now already.

bart scott the afternoon drive wfan

Oh, and like...Maggie Gray? How many times in 40 minutes did we hear one of the other 2 say, "Oh, sorry Maggie. Go ahead." as she looked at her notes and made some point no one cared about? At least 5.

maggie gray wfan afternoon drive

The scariest thing about this all is CBS seems to keep annoying no talent hacks around regardless of whether they look to improve (and work on their verbal tics). Look at Recco and Adam Schein.

Here's a tip...just act like Darrelle Revis when it comes to WFAN's The Afternoon Drive with Carlin, Bart, and Maggie - AKA, the Terrible Trio and skip it. Read a book.

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