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You must help Air Force Vet Troy Downing defeat Montana Senator Jon Tester

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been law for less than one month, but the positive results are already being felt across the country.

• The stock market broke 26,000 for the first time in history.
• Businesses plan to bring money back from overseas.
• Over 100 companies have given their employees a bonus, pay raise, or increased benefits directly as a result of the sweeping tax relief.

President Trump’s America First agenda is winning for the American people!

This is an incredible accomplishment in such a short amount of time, and it only further proves that the best way to grow the economy and create job growth isn’t by regulating businesses -- it’s by freeing them of red tape.

So why did Montana Senator Jon Tester vote against these tax cuts?

For years Taxing Tester has talked about how much he wants to cut taxes, simplify the tax code, and help the American economy grow. It’s what helped him get elected in a conservative state like Montana.

Yet when the time came to vote for legislation that would do just that, he instead proved to be nothing but another liberal Democratic pawn -- voting with Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren to deny America this badly needed reform.

Even as more evidence mounts that these tax cuts have already started providing real growth to the economy and let people keep more money in their pockets, Taxing Tester has yet to show any regret that he tried to deny those benefits and increased wages to millions of Americans!

With Taxing Tester in the Senate -- still clinging to the failed legacy of the Obama administration -- Donald Trump will never be able to fully implement a pro-growth America First agenda. We need to flip his seat red in November.

You must help Troy Downing defeat him.

Unlike Taxing Tester, Troy knows that the policies put forward by President Trump will unleash the American economy.

He's been a job creator and entrepreneur most of his life. He started a business and worked hard to build it to a point where it was eventually merged with Yahoo!!

Tryo knows how businesses work and he knows that when you free businesses from red tape and excessive tax rates -- the economy flourishes. Which is why he will work with President Trump to continue growing the economy, securing our border, working to repeal Obamacare and making sure our military is well funded and equipped to fight evil around the world.

If Taxing Tester is allowed to remain in the Senate, he’ll be just another roadblock on the road of progress.

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