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Boomer Esiason finally releases his 2017 tax return

What's going on in 'I promise recreational pot day one' Phil Murphy's state of NJ? Lawmakers announced legislation that would return voting rights to prison inmates! That's right, voting -- no jury duty though. And taxpayers are going to pay to collect the votes of that block. (A block well known to vote for 'tough on crime' candidates...)

What else has Murphy done in 2 months? He's "All IN" on a scam to defraud the IRS out of billions by backing fugazi Bergen county based legislation that comically would allow folks to make 'charitable donations' in the exact amount of their property tax bills to their cities and then have the cities in return give them coupons for the exact amount they owe in taxes.

Got that? Murphy is 'ALL IN' on helping the rich with an IRS scheme that is a) not going to survive any courtroom and b) if you did it - you'd be in jail.

In a related note, Boomer Esiason released his 2017 tax return this morning.

boomer esiason tax return
Why, yes Gregg - this does include a 1099 for payment from Investor's Bank even while they close branches and lay off employees.

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