Embarrassingly bad Maggie Gray let Twitter know the Terrible Trio just 3 whores stealing money from ownership

How bad are WFAN's drivetime dimwits? The station has been forced to give cash away during their broadcasts.

3PM they're giving $300 and at 5PM they're giving $500 away to random callers. (Three hundred at three o'clock! Five hundred at five o'clock! Sponsored by the dopes at 5 Hour Energy and lots and lots of cash register sounds.)

You can't make this up.

And you know, now WFAN is promoting such with that, you know, English challenged clown Bart Scott making the, you know, international symbol for money and the horrific Maggie Gray letting, like, everyone know via the 'making it rain' gesture that the show is, like, simply like three whores stealing money from Entercom.

You know?

Oh my god.

And Twitter users reacted.

Really you have to stoop so low as to offer $ to get people to listen to wretched Here’s a clue dump this disaster of a show and put on hosts who are fans of our teams and can intelligently discuss topics related to NY teams that will get you listeners

This show is absolutely terrible. I listen to joe and Evan everyday, and I listened to mike for many years, and they always would change the topic throughout different sports. Every time this show is on all they talk about is football. Terrible show.

Waiting for the twitter post that says “ joe and Evan 1-6pm”


is pure garbage diversity doesn’t get you listeners hosts who are fans and care about our NY teams and can thoughtfully discuss topics we care about will get you ratings please end this disaster!

Sign that your show is going in the tank. You start buying listeners.

And just seconds after Bart Scott asked, "Do anybody know, like this is like Sector Seven, what Davis Webb is?" A caller proclaimed, "Eli Manning will be here long after you're gone at WFAN."

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