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2018 WFAN's Morning Show 'Boomer & Gio' struggling mightily in the ratings

WFAN's 2018 Morning Show 'Boomer & Gio' not doing well

Loss of lightning rod Craig Carton, lack of directives, and dilution of talent with too many updates, soundbites, etc. having negative effect on Boomer Esiason's once #1 show

New York, NY
-- While everyone is paying attention to the afternoon mess that is the Terrible Trio and its 'competition' (if one calls battling for 12th place a competition) WFAN's Morning Show is down over 30% year over year...and it just had its single worst rated month in forever. (Jerry Recco on air 30% of the time and the show is down over 30%...coincidence? No, no it is not.)

February of 2017 - WFAN Morning 7.0
February of 2018 - WFAN Morning 4.8

WFAN has not had to hold EP's accountable for bad ratings in, well, forever and - it's time. Long time listeners ask, "What do Al Dukes and the Terrible Trio's producers even do at this point?"

All one needs to do is pay attention to the quality of the advertisements the one time Goliath plays to know there is a huge problem. Baldness cures, fugazi real estate deals, missing teeth and 'you don't have to pay your credit card bill' is what the industry calls 'low quality' ads.

Yankees Baseball is the only savior left on the horizon for the once dominant station. Perhaps there is a return in play in January of 2019 for a dismissed too early host to boot.There are two glaring absences so...One never knows what can happen.

*Update - The winter ratings book is in on Boomer & Gio.

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