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Donald Trump announces 2020 re-election run

Donald Trump writes:

You were there when our movement began. You were there when they said we were destined to lose. You were there when the Washington swamp tried to destroy our presidency.

Robert, now I hope you will be there for my RE-ELECTION campaign in 2020 as we KEEP FIGHTING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Our big announcement comes on the day of a CRITICAL reporting deadline. Will you step up with a contribution of ANY amount to show you’re ready to fight for another BIG win in 2020?

You’ve seen how BRUTAL the fake news has been. You’ve seen how rabid the Democrats have become. We couldn’t wait until 2019 to start fighting for re-election. We had to start NOW!

I don’t care how many more witch hunts they launch...

I don’t care how many more lies they spread about me and my family...

I don’t care how many more cowards write fake books to try and distract the people...

Because there is NOTHING they can do to stop us from our mission to SAVE America.

So now that it’s official, let’s blow our first goal out of the park. Let’s show the media we’re fighting harder than EVER before to Make America Great Again!

Please make a contribution of just $1 before the first reporting deadline since our re-election announcement.

Thank you,

Donald Trump

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