Craig Carton says Esiason & irrelevant Russo are going at each other weakly & the struggling Terrible Trio needs to stand up for themselves

Craig Carton: Mike Francesa and Chris Russo were nothing but complete assholes to me and Boomer when we got to WFAN and I called them on it every single day of the week...and I attacked them through the show every single chance I got... we went out of our way of attacking those guys. And I told them to their face.

He then went on to say Russo is irrelevant, Boomer Esiason has gone at him softly, and the struggling Terrible Trio needs to fight their own battles.

One big ole problem with his take - The Terrible Trio sucks. And Bart Scott trying to fight a war of words, even with Russo, would have to have a +17.5 line attached to it.

Here's the Super Bowl clip of Carton calling them assholes at the Super Bowl in 2016.

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