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Emergency 'morale' meeting called at WFAN over Boomer & Gio

Minutes after we reported yesterday that the tension between Boomer & Gio is palpable - WFAN was forced to hold an emergency 'morale' meeting for the morning show. We wrote, "WFAN is in trouble. And the longer it remains Boomer & Gio (and not Gio & Boomer) - the more trouble they're going to have."

Boomer & Carton was the #1 morning sports talk show in America for a decade because Craig Carton ran the show and Boomer Esiason chimed in with news making sound bites. Now, despite Gregg Giannotti's breadth AND depth of knowledge...Esiason is running the show.

And not well.

Al Dukes has no clue what to do. Neither does Mark Chernoff. (Jesus, the latter hired Bart Scott and Maggie Gray...the former produced Ron & Fez.) The superfluous Jerry Recco 20 minute updates that should be top of the hour 1 minute blurbs? Folks are tuning out in droves to Bernie and Sid, Len Berman, and, after 9am - in increasing numbers to the aforementioned Craig Carton.

Christ, Carton's fledgling network does a 100x better job with video than WFAN does. And that basically says it all.

This morning Boomer let listeners know they held a so called morale meeting yesterday. And all that other stuff.


Here's some classic Al Dukes talking about broadcasting.

And now let's sum up why Boomer should not be the lead dog.

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