Friend close to Mets tells Craig Carton alleged joke that got Voice of the Mets Alex Anthony fired was told to a buddy in A CLOSED OFFICE

Reported yesterday that Alex Anthony, the 'Voice of the Mets' for 14 years, was reportedly fired by the club because another employee allegedly overheard him tell a dirty joke and complained to HR. Today Craig Carton added, "A friend of mine who is close with the Mets tells me that he (Alex) was in a closed office with a buddy, the door was closed and it was very private. The person who claims to have heard the joke was outside of the office. It was not done in front of anyone or done to embarrass anyone."

Carton added, "To me that sounds like a bit of a witch hunt against a guy who was with the team for 14 years -- and that person (who told HR) is a bit of a douche, too...What kind of person runs to human resources?!"

Alex would be a good person for Carton & Friends to talk to.

Oh boy - there's more: Carton says Alex Anthony was recorded by and eavesdropper in a Mets setup situation!

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