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Phil Mushnick put once was Chris Russo and wannabe Peter Rosenberg in their proper places

He with the best memory wins:

Mad Dog as crass, clueless as Francesa

This latest self-serving tempest — if public classlessness is heard as self-serving — among current and past WFAN hosts, reminds us Chris Russo, labeled the “nicer” of the two when compared to former partner Mike Francesa, is quite an indictment of Francesa, given that Russo is often a nasty, petty, insecure, cheap-shooter.

Recall that it was Russo who wanted Francesa’s name removed from the show’s jingle when Francesa was on vacation.

Also from the Russo WFAN Sampler: One day, he had a producer find a local sportswriter who would take the time to discuss the NBA. Mission accomplished.

But at the show’s close, when Russo ran down the day’s guests, he spoke that writer’s name then chastised his producer — on the air — for booking such a nameless guest. Class act, that Russo.

Chris Carlin, upon succeeding Francesa, had to swallow extra hard when he opened with nothing but praise and admiration for Francesa.

Carlin’s known to despise Francesa for the latter’s extended on-air, in-ear bullyboy bashing of Carlin as a rotten “journalist,” which, coming from such a relentless fabricator of facts, left Francesa, not Carlin, looking small.

But there Russo and Francesa were Monday, together again — this time on MLBN — taking childish, giggling shots at their former station and its hosts, including Carlin, acting as if they’re above it all when nothing’s beneath them.


ESPN Radio-NY’s Peter Rosenberg is a big fan and promoter of sexually explicit, N-worded rap. Host Michael Kay should ask Rosenberg if the Rev. King was on the wrong side of the fight.

Speaking of memory...can you imagine Boomer & Carton opening like Boomer & Gio opened today given what Sid Rosenberg and Bernie McGuirk did to WFAN yesterday?

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