Craig Carton claims he was not told to resign by WFAN & that 'Boomer & Gio' & 'Bernie & Sid' are not any good

Craig Carton on resigning from WFAN: "I thought that the most prudent thing for my kids, for my family, for myself... would be to step away from the that I wasn't the focus of every single minute of every single show."

"It was the single most difficult decision i had to make. I stepped away from my dream job."

Oh...and then: "There is no longer a dominant morning show in New York City. I was the last one... none of them are any good. It's just that simple. I was better than all of them."

"It went Imus to Stern to Opie and Anthony to me."

Carton then went on to claim 600,000 unique viewers of his show for April. "We'd be one of the top 3 mid day shows in NY today."

FNTSY Sports Network's producers do do the best job in the industry of getting videos cut and up. Puts do nothing Al Dukes to shame. . But that being said - Carton's eventual return to 'mainstream' terrestrial or satellite radio? Will not be with that on-air crew. Gregg Giannotti, Sid Rosenberg, Len Berman, and Bernard McGuirk are all pro's pros. And that is where the new format lags. Corey Parsons is unlistenable.

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