Entercom 'panicked' over shocking precipitous drop of Boomer & Gio ratings as Craig Carton heads into syndication | Bob's Blitz

Entercom 'panicked' over shocking precipitous drop of Boomer & Gio ratings as Craig Carton heads into syndication

Boomer & Gio's ratings have been shocking. WFAN's morning show ratings fall in the winter ratings book was bad...and it continued into April. Boomer & Gio finished a head shakingly bad ninth in the morning races with a 4.8 rating.

The Terrible Trio had a 4.9 rating in April to Boomer & Gio's 4.8

Entercom executives are 'shocked and panicked,' a source tells The Blitz:

They don't know what to do. No one [emphasis their's] expected Boomer to fall on his face like this. The precipitous drop into mediocrity has suits shocked and panicked. This was the #1 morning show forever before Carton left. They're drawing less than Carlin, Maggie, and Bart for Christ's sake.

The morning show was NY's #1 for years with Craig Carton at the helm.

We've been saying it forever: Al Dukes does nothing. Carton's EP does a better job with the much smaller resources of Anthem Sports & Entertainment. (When's the last time you saw a station posted video on YouTube that was any good?) But as this, following the Terrible Trio debacle, shows - neither does Mark Chernoff. The updates are horrendous. (And the only time slot that still has them for god knows why.) We regularly use the updates to listen to Bernie and Sid -- often not returning.

The biggest problem is Esiason. Gregg Giannotti is the best local sports talk show host. He's got humor BUT he's also got the breadth and depth of sports knowledge that no one else has. He, like Carton did, has the be the show's driver. Boomer can't handle it and all that other stuff. Even a casual observer will grow frustrated with the former QB dismissing valid points by Gio with no further debate. Dismissing something without any supporting facts is not a debate winning strategy. It's a ratings losing strategy.

Bernie and Sid's ratings were strong their first month replacing Imus. WOR beat WABC 2.5 to 1.1 overall YET B&S beat Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning (and not just in the 25-54 range). Carton's FNTSY product is commonly outdrawing B&G from 9-10 AND Joe & Evan from 10-12. And now he's going 9-12 with terrestrial broadcast coverage to boot.

It all is terrible news for WFAN. It should be panicked.

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