Source: Boomer Esiason has finally made a move on SPECTACULAR Sid Rosenberg

Sid Rosenberg has been taking shots at Boomer Esiason at a rapid pace over with Bernie & Sid. Whether it's that Boomer is 'a phony 'effen asshole' or that he's a liar - Sid's demand for a reply ("You guys/gals notice that @7BOOMERESIASON never answers me or shoots back? It’s one of 2 things. Either he believes the bullshit that when you’re on top you ignore the folks below or he’s been advised to stay away. Both scenarios seem pretty chicken shit to me? No?") has gone pretty much, well, not replied to.

But now a source at WFAN has let us know that Sid has finally gotten to Booms and the latter has banned Eddie Scozzare from using ANY Sid Rosenberg soundbites during Boomer & Gio.

Can you imagine coming to work and getting that directive? Hey, no more Spectacular! and all that other stuff. Petty nonsense.

Only hurting himself. Boomer has mocked Sid's gambling demons for years. (Gambling addiction has always been a chronic illness Boomer Esiason had no problem making fun of.)

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