The NY Post's Marc Berman another dope who has no idea what 'irony' means

The NY Post's Marc Berman today:

Ironically, in order for the Knicks to open up the necessary cap space to sign [LeBron] James, [Enes] Kanter would have to opt out of the final $18.6 million year of his pact. Otherwise, the Knicks wouldn’t have legit cap space until 2019.

Yeah, not even close to ironic. And, of course, some editor doubled down on 'Kanter: LeBron can come prove he's King of New York' by renaming it The irony behind Enes Kanter daring LeBron to join Knicks.

At least they fixed the line 'Kanter and James have feuded since their Garden dust-up in November after which James himself as "The King of New York" in an Instagram post' that appeared in the paper.

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