Bernie & Sid firing talk led to great clip from Howard Stern telling Sid to 'rein it in' & news Keith Olbermann is an ass kisser

Sid Rosenberg was fired (and then rehired) by Imus back in 2001 for saying that the Serena sisters were 'boy like,' 'too muscular,' and had a 'better chance at posing nude for National Geographic than Playboy.' (Sid was also fired for a bad cancer joke at the expense of Kylie Minogue.) Bernard McGuirk was fired in 2007 for his role in the Imus / Rutgers fiasco - chiming in that the women's basketball team included 'some hardcore hos.'

Today Bernie & Sid were talking what can get a media personality fired with some great radio coming out of it. More proof that Mike Francesa wanted to hire Rosenberg. How WFAN treats Joe & Evan as 2nd fiddle radio because they're ratings don't measure up. Incredibly how piece of garbage Keith Olbermann once sent Imus a gift basket that was addressed to the 'morning deity.' And...Howard Stern telling Sid Rosenberg, in November of 2006, that maybe he 'needs to rein it in a little...'

Yep, when Stern tells you to rein it in a may be in trouble.


Original Sid Rosenberg Spectacular! sound drop.

Original Sid Rosenberg See What I did There sound drop.

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