Boomer Esiason can be a real tool | Bob's Blitz

Boomer Esiason can be a real tool

Boomer Esiason this morning asked Gregg Giannotti what the the atmosphere at Citi Field was like yesterday.

GG: There were a lot of kids it was like one of those bring your kid to the the game days.

BE: What's wrong with that?

A growingly frustrated GG: There's nothing wrong with that [you tool] I'm just giving you the the atmosphere.

At the the end of the day we would have said Boomer Esiason can be clueless BUT just seconds before that stupid question he had done his even more stupid pronunciation of process as PROcess as if that makes him sound brighter. (It doesn't -- especially when he doesn't say it that way when he doesn't have time to think about saying it. Not to mention his really bad new habit of saying 'Ya know?' every third word, hitting the cough button 20x per segment, and...all that other stuff.)

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