Sid Rosenberg threatens to release personal secrets on Francesa, Esiason, Recco, Scozzare, Dukes, & WFAN et al

Sid Rosenberg threatened 'war' against WFAN for their use of him saying 'Spectacular!' Sid Rosenberg called Mark Chernoff over Eddie Scozzare using the 'SPECTACULAR!' clip that allowed Boomer Esiason to mock addictions. Apparently use of the clip was curtailed.

But then the Supreme Court ruled sports gambling could go on returned to WFAN's morning show.

Earlier today Rosenberg warned:

I’ve asked Mark Chernoff and the powers that be at WFAN to please tell their dreadful morning show to stop playing my “Spectacular” cut. If you’ve heard it you know they only drop it in when they’re discussing a story that involves some of my personal issues. Want war? Ok....

And we asked, "What does that mean?" Well, here's what it means. Sid says, "I have personal secrets on Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason, Jerry Recco, Gregg Giannotti, Eddie Scozzare, Al Dukes and more."

Now he's threatened to release the personal stuff if they don't stop playing the Spectacular! clip. "I'm gonna start throwing in the personal stuff that I know about...I've got nuggets on EVERYBODY. And I'm going to throw out those nuggets. We'll see how tough they are then."

Bernie added, "Eddie? Boomer? We've got A LOT."

And then Rosenberg finished, "If it sounds like a threat that's because it is..."

Spectacular! (Well, all except that Lawrence Taylor crap.)

*Update - WFAN has replied to Rosenberg's threats.

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