Craig Carton Reacts to Tweet Praising the "Boomer & Gio Show"

Craig Carton found a positive Boomer & Gio tweet outta Barstool comical.

Tube user Bill Young gets it 100% correct: "I like Gio, but they should have reformatted the new show to fit his personality, instead of trying to be the Carton stand-in. It's basically a knockoff of the old show, and Gio is way too different from Carton to make that gimmick work. Should have changed producers and changed the look of the studio, because the current incarnation of the show comes across as a try hard cheap imitation."

If getting a 5 share and being in 5th or 7th is what you want then yes, they're delivering., sadly Boomer & Gio doesn't work.

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