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Phil Mushnick filleted the horrible YES Network broadcasts of Yankee games

Phil Mushnick killed the idiots at the YES Network today.

Monday, YES televised the first game of the Yankees-Orioles doubleheader without that K-Zone box over, under, through and on the sides of every live pitch.

The result: It was like having your glasses, your windshield and your conscience wiped spotlessly clean. You could see the game clearly, as if TV had renewed its abandoned vow to provide “the best seat in the house.”

Game 2, it was back.

Why networks, in their eagerness to shove technology down our better senses, would choose to install obstructed views is flabbergasting. Why not invent the noiseless whoopee cushion?

And he wasn't done.

Not only are we often told not to believe what we see, but to instead believe what we’re told, recently it was strongly suggested that we not believe what we saw and heard.

Early in Yankees-Blue Jays on Saturday, CC Sabathia, who was not pitching, was ejected by plate ump Lance Barrett. On YES, Ken Singleton immediately concluded Sabathia was the victim of a “quick toss because usually an umpire will give you a warning to, ‘Stay off of me.’ ”

Audio, attached to the video, then was clearly heard. Barrett removed his mask, turned toward the Yankees’ dugout and said, “I’m warning you right now, CC: You’re not going to yell at me the rest of the game. That’s it.”

That warning was followed by an attentive pause, as if Barrett’s warning had been ignored. Next, Barrett waved his arm and hollered, “Get outta here!”

To that, Singleton, who said umps should first issue a warning, said, “I still think it was a quick toss.”

“Yes,” said YES boothmate Ryan Ruocco, “the warning and hook were almost simultaneous.”

Yes, almost, but not quite.

Not to mention that fat slob Sabbathia has been showing up umps forever.

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