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Sickening: Steiner Sports auctioning James Gandolfini engraved watch gifted to Sopranos cast members

Opportunistic Basterd Steve Schirripa took shots at Joseph Gannascoli in the wake of James Gandolfini's death. Sources at the time said that "Gandolfini and his series co-stars were turned off years ago by Gannascoli’s “grandstanding” and self-promotion. One said, “After joining the show, Joe hired his own p.r. person and would do all this press for himself, and it just became too much. Jim was very much a team player, and would only do interviews if it was to help someone in the ‘Sopranos’ family, or as a group."

“But Joe was the opposite; he kept grandstanding and it became a turnoff for Jim and [‘Sopranos’ creator] David Chase. It also rubbed most of the cast the wrong way. Then, as soon as Jim died, Joe was grandstanding again. He wasn’t close to Jim. They probably hadn’t spoken in around seven years. Some members of the cast felt like Joe was using Jimmy’s death to get his own name out there.”

Multiple sources told the Blitz at the time that much of the above was untrue and that Schirripa alone might be 'raging' at Gannascoli. Joe took the news to heart and blasted Schirripa and we unearthed photos of James and Joe at Gandolfini's wedding AND a sick as a dog Tony Soprano helping out his buddy at Gannascoli's 'Soup as Art' restaurant.

You can view the pics right here.

So what comes to light today? Steiner Auctions is selling the Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri Fat-Suit from The Sopranos (Signed by Steve Schirripa) AND, sickeningly, a Kobold 18K Gold Soarway Diver Watch from James Gandolfini engraved with "Thank You - J. G./The Sopranos 1997 - 2007 Rest In Peace" that was given out by Jim to cast members.

Interesting - also at auction? Approximately 25 Steve Schirripa signed scripts and call sheets.

Why would one let that stuff go...?

*Update - the watch didn't reach the minimum bid. And if you want to make yourself sick - you can see the scripts, shirts, et al. from Schirripa that sold and those that did not. Click here and then use the RIGHT arrow.

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