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Do you recall the Brigantine Castle in NJ?

Do you remember the Brigantine Castle in New Jersey?

The advertising was extensive.

Neighbors sued after visitors would pee on their lawns and vandalize homes. The Castle was closed due to code violations. It too burned down in 1987.

Steven Frei writes, "I used to work in the castle as 'security.' Primary to keep people moving and for the actors. Later on I was a firefighter for the city the night that the castle burnt down. The company that was demolishing the castle found difficulties in finding a dump to take the "hazardous" materials. The only place close was in Maryland I believe. It became to expensive so the doors were removed from top to bottom and the place was set on fire. We could see a glow as we arrived but it quickly engulfed the structure and turned into a long night. Since the pilings continued to burn like wicks the buildings at the other end of pier burnt down two weeks later. The sad part was that the pilings burnt to the water making it illegal to rebuild in the ocean. I have to say it was a great experience to go through the castle. The "Rat Room" which was great was basically pieces of garden hose at ankle height and some fishing line hanging from the ceiling...but pretty freaky..."

Do you recall Long Branch's Haunted Mansion?

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