Craig Carton addressed his audience today as his co-defendant plead guilty & pinned blame on him in court

Craig Carton’s co-conspirator Michael Wright in an alleged $4.6 million ticket-selling scheme pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and then threw blame Carton's way.

“At Craig Carton’s instruction and with the purpose of satisfying his debt to me and others, I arranged for transfers of over $550,000,” Michael Wright told a Manhattan federal judge while pleading guilty to wire fraud. Wright will probably see 21 to 27 months in prison instead of the 20 years he faced if he went to trial. (Joseph Meli pleaded guilty to securities fraud last October and is serving a 78-month sentence in federal prison.)

Today Carton addressed his FNTSY audience and, oddly, the 'Carton and Friends' broadcast will continue with some new guy Gabe and the other show ruining guffawing co-host.

So after that run Michelle Serpico's Twitter account is now at 2,826 followers Up from 2,448?

Good luck with that next 2 month run, C&F.

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