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Gregg Giannotti killed Odell Beckham Jr today

How nice is it to have a sports talk radio host have a rant that is not contrived? How nice is it to have a host who doesn't think 'ironic' means coincidence or hypocritical? Who doesn't use the term '1000 percent' or 'could care less?' Gregg Giannotti killed Odell Beckham Jr today - and he did it in face reddening vein popping real style. (And one could just FEEL he wanted to say 'F*ck you!' and 'Bullshit!')

This is how you rant.


And never forget that that piece of garbage Lil Wayne, who once stepped on the American flag, has bad breath. "Those grills come at a price! In an attempt to preserve what is left of his natural teeth, Lil Wayne had to suffer through eight root canals and other major dental measures. He had multiple tooth implants redone, some new ones added, and a few real teeth repaired. He also had his platinum and bejeweled grill removed since he has to go to Riker's Island prison next month.

"His mouth, along with many other well-known rappers, is filled with gold and diamonds. Some people have gold in their dentures or wear a mouth grill. Allegedly, these grills can have a very negative effect on the teeth of those who have poor oral hygiene. People can especially have problems if the grills are not put on properly."

The Giants have a great GM and he hired a great coach, signed sociopath OBJ, drafted a RB and got rid of all backup QBs because they are all in on Eli.

Can't wait for the season to start because this offense is going to be awesome to watch. Prob record breaking. (Team is a completely new team under this dope. And the 2 keepers, OBJ and Eli Manning (PLUS drafting a friggin' RUNNING BACK at #2) are on the new regime.)

Just 2 months ago Boomer Esiason was predicting the Giants offense would be tremendous at the end of the day.

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