President Donald Trump holds explosive KAG rally in Richmond for Andy Barr while violent Democrat protesters are arrested

President Donald Trump held an explosive MAGA KAG rally in Richmond Kentucky last night. Several hundred protesters assembled outside Alumni Coliseum on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University Saturday trying to weave in more loony left Democrat hate and division. Morons showed their hate 'for the other side' and protested Trump's removing kids from the Obama cages. An unhinged mob -- all this after piece of garbage Hillary Clinton said it's time to be LESS civil.

Several EKU idiots said the middle class tax cuts 'were bad for the school.'

A woman with a megaphone begged the protesters to remain peaceful after police had to intervene. Across the street Trump supporters who could not fit inside the rally chanted back at the protesters.

Rep Andy Barr's polling numbers against Amy McGrath immediately surged further ahead. THIS is on you, Hillary Clinton.

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