Boomer Esiason & the WFAN Morning Show address Craig Carton's conviction

Boomer Esiason, Gregg Giannotti, Jerry Recco and Eddie Scozzare poignantly address former colleague Craig Carton's conviction.

And Al Dukes oddly and uncomfortably takes the screen time to defend WFAN employees as 'having had no idea this was going on' before uncomfortably sharing supposed details about 401Ks.

We talked with Craigy several times a week over the past 14 months. As his lawyer (also oddly given the arena) said, Craig was wrong ever to lie. He was wrong ever to misrepresent. But over the past 8 years that we've been tight - he has been nothing but a good guy. Last night was tough as we reflected on his young family and Craig spinning over what he's now facing. Going to shut down for the rest of the day.

And WFAN? Speaking of 'cautionary tales...' -- may want to reconsider that exce$$ive gambling slant've always had.

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