CNBC's Sara Eisen ends every sentence as if she's constipated

CNBC's Sara Eisen ends every sentence as if she's constipated. Doesn't matter if it's a statement or a question either.

Eisen asking a question (note the head cock to the right, pursed lips, and furrowed brow as if she's pushing a bowel movement out at the end).

God forbid you're a colleague saying something that contradicts something she's stated, ok? Because she pulled the transcripts jerky and that's not what he said 2 weeks ago.

Quick follow up questions? Constipated for sure.

Been going on forever.

Don't you dare, Carl Quintanilla, point out something that Sara Eisen knows or -- you'll get the eye roll, dummy.

And yet why is it that colleagues almost seem forced to tell her 'Yeah, yeah Sara, it's alright.' Is there a CNBC mandate to tell Sara Eisen, 'Yeah Sara, good question!'?

Probably has to do with that old skirt incident. Not halted stock trades.

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