Larry Bird's signature shot v LeBron James' signature shot v Michael Jordan's signature shot

Think about Larry Bird's signature shot - what comes to mind? When Bird's putback lifted Celtics over Rockets in 1981 NBA Finals? That dunk? Hell, the 3 point contest in his warmups?

Pick one.

Unfortunately for Larry Legend - he's got a bunch of signature passes and steals to boot...

Michael Jordan? The Shot, of course -- Even if you're picturing him shrugging after making six 3's in the first half of the 1992 finals or that switch hands layup in the 1991 Finals. Or the flu game...(Should we go on?)

Now go to YouTube and search for LeBron James' signature shot. 'NBA 2K18 LeBron James Signature Jump Shot' comes up before any actual memorable game. Great.

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