Oddly there wasn't 100% attendance at the recent Sopranos 20th anniversary celebrations

A source sends over this hitherto missed piece of info regarding the 20th anniversary of the Sopranos:

You guys are big on the Sopranos. You notice it seems many should have been there folks were not at the 20th anniversary events? Talking Steve Buscemi, Joe Gannascoli, David Proval, Steve Schirripa and Robert Funaro to name a few.

Hmmmm, working through the pics from the night via ET and the main stage featured cast interviews from Today do indicate that very well was the case. Though Buscemi was probably absent caring for his critically ill wife (who later died). Also not there are Drea de Matteo & Joe Pantoliano.

It is odd. Gannascoli, Proval, Funaro - no idea on any. Really odd is opportunistic basterd Schrripa not being there. The guy who reportedly took shots at Gannascoli when James Gandolfini died appeared anywhere anyone would have him back then.

Maybe he was embarrassed after getting nabbed selling all those Sopranos signed scripts and autographing that fat suit.

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