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Phil Mushnick advocates leniency for Craig Carton

Phil Mushnick, today:

Courts should have mercy on Carton

Craig Carton is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 27, convicted for $5.6 million in fraud. He faces a maximum of 45 years, but it’s unlikely he’ll pull more than 5-10.

Here’s hoping the judge shows practical, measured mercy. Carton’s crime was not one of violence. At 50, he’s a relatively young man with talent enough to eventually resume a radio career to best pay restitution and even provide first-person, over-the-air counsel.

To root against him, at this point, as a matter of gets-what-he-deserves retribution because his radio career, in large part, was devoted to coarse content, gratuitous put-downs and even reckless defamations — and I was targeted by all of it, but it comes with the job — is a waste of vengeance.

He’ll do time and should do time. He chose to treat his gambling affliction by being a crook, a big one. But his successful, useful rehabilitation may be best served on the outside.

We concur.

**Update -- WFAN's Gregg Giannotti finally made the NY Post again.

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