Mikey Nichols on Craig Carton speaking at Mikey Strong 2019: He's the one who started this...

Craig Carton spoke at the 5th annual Mikey Strong Charity hockey game last Friday night to benefit The Reeve Foundation and the Nichols Family Trust. NJ 101.5's Steve Travelise asked Mike Nichols what that meant to him. "He said a few words before puck drop, which meant a lot to me because he's the one who started this and it's only right," Nichols said at the Jamesburg Elks comedy night on Saturday.

Nichols, who interned for Travelise this past summer at NJ 101.5, talked about how it all began. "My dad reached out to the station, Craig told him to come on and after that he said his number would always be good for me and whenever I needed him. He's always been there. He's the best, I could never thank him enough."

Nichols added, "I wish him the best and thank you for everything."

Here's slightly better audio of Mike's father, Steve, with Boomer & Carton back in 2014.

And while the Devils, WFAN, Et. al do their best to edit Carton out of the history books of the past 2 Mike Strong nights, we're working on getting video of his opening remarks from Friday night.

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