First time long time: Craig Carton sentenced to 42 months in federal prison | Bob's Blitz

First time long time: Craig Carton sentenced to 42 months in federal prison

New York, NY -- Craig Carton, facing 45 years with prosecutors recommending 5-7, was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison plus 3 years probation by Judge 'Good afternoon Mr. Carton. Colleen from New York. First time, long time...' McMahon today in Manhattan for his role in a $5.6 million ticket fraud scheme. Carton was also ordered to complete 150 hours of community service and pay $4.8 million in restitution.

Craig C., compulsive gambler, brought those letters of support we published with him for impact. His attorney hammered home that he suffers from the disease of addiction and reiterated that he was raped as a child

Craig Carton's accumulated wagering totaled over one billion dollars, Billion with a 'B,' while pulling all night stay & plays at the Borgata and other casinos over the years. Not the first person to wager that much in total, but a staggering number nonetheless.

It would not be unusual for Carton at 3AM, 3 hours from hitting the air on WFAN at 6AM, to finish up at a table and run out of the casino carrying $500,000 cash as he rushed to a helicopter.

The helicopter would speed him to New York City and he'd get himself to 345 Hudson day in and day out to his $2,000,000 per year day gig as co-host of the decade long #1 rated WFAN morning show Boomer & Carton with co-host Boomer Esiason.

And that wagering led him to today, Friday April 5, 2019 -- 'The Reckoning' as he titled his few week old confessional video leading into today's sentencing.

The Reckoning is complete Monday as Craig Carton goes on with Michael Kay (giving Kay a ratings win over Mike Francesa).

Carton has said he'd like to start serving his sentence quickly - perhaps a soon as one week's time - in order to, 'Get it going and get it over with...'

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