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Jim Gearhart can stop the Craig Carton shit already

Jim Gearhart was once one of the most powerful political folks in NJ. He no longer is. Desperately now using Craig Carton to generate click bait headlines like 'HOW CRAIG CARTON ALMOST GOT HIS BUTT KICKED IN THE NJ 101.5 PARKING LOT (OPINION)' over on NJ101.5 under a 'Jim Gearhart' byline.

Jim Gearhart doesn't like to talk out of turn, but when it comes to Craig Carton, he'll make an exception.


And Jim recalls that when both he and Carton were on the air on New Jersey 101.5, Carton would pick on the wife of a certain high-profile New Jersey politician. Jim's not naming names, but the politician and his wife have both been advocates for mental health issues. If you pay attention to New Jersey politics, you can probably guess who he means.

"I resented that, because as a person I had a tremendous amount of respect for her," Jim says in this week's Jim Gearhart Show podcast, available here as well on iTunes and Google Play.
But Jim wasn't the only one who resented it. The politician was due in the New Jersey 101.5 studio for an interview with Eric Scott.

"So he came down -- the political person -- he was a little bit more than cross," Jim says. "His idea was to take (Carton) out in the parking lot and wipe up the parking lot with him. There was a state police security detail that prevented that.

Jim? Everybody who would read that stupid post knows it was Cody v Carton.

This is just sad at this point.