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Judge ripped WFAN and Boomer Esiason for their crazy overuse of gambling ads

Hi, I'm John Jastremski and I love Point Sped app. Think that's what he says 400x an hour on Radio.com's WFAN feed. Not sure. We mute it. Craig Carton's judge did not.

But I haven’t stopped listening to sports radio, and I know that it has a big new advertiser, and that is legalized gambling. Two, three, four ads for sports betting run in every half hour segment, ads that tout the wonders of placing the bet, betting on the games, doubling your bet during the games, changing your bet at half time, getting free credit against your next bet if you lose — I haven’t figured out how that one works yet — and it troubles me, because the message in those ads is antithetical to the message you deliver in your new video and the message you’re going to have to deliver as part of your community service.

On the radio these sports betting ads are read by the talent, they’re read by people like you. In his column this morning Mr. Mushnick noted with some irony that Boomer Esiason read an ad for sports betting on the air within minutes of announcing that you had been arrested.

If none of this had happened — if none of this had happened and you were still on the air — you would probably be reading those very ads with their — to quote you – woefully inadequate warning at the end. Will sports radio give you a platform to undercut its biggest new source of advertising income? It’s not for me to decide. I think there might be some magical thinking going on here.

Did Boomer Esiason pay back the gambling money Craig Carton won for him?

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