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Peter Rosenberg ripped for his part in Craig Carton interview

Thought Peter Rosenberg handled himself pretty well for his part in the Craig Carton interview yesterday. Not day in and day out...but for most of the hour? Yes.

And then he went and called Craig a racist for asking NJ 101.5 listeners to assist ICE with the HUGE problem of illegal aliens in NJ.

Apparently listeners agreed.

Sean Donovan -- God Rosenberg is such a tool.

Daniel Christmann -- The worst.

Tes420 -- Don is equally cringe-worthy... I agree tho, Peter is horrible to listen to.

Ant Boogie -- The show was great before Peter got there. Can't stand listening to him. Another reason I don't listen to Hot 97 in the morning. Find him irritating.

Jerry Incandela -- Agreed. So bad.

Tim Magnussen -- Rosenberg is such a liberal dick sucker.

Teddy Reynolds -- Rosenberg is woke though he fits ESPN doesn't matter that he is doing a disservice to the audience.

Steve Kalba -- Hey Leave Sid out of this !!!! LOL no I'm kidding but to me there's only one Rosenberg in sports radio that is significant...who the hell is Peter Rosenberg? When did he ever weasel in here with these two experienced professionals...whose daddy or uncle got him a seat in the big leagues? This Rosenberg should be honored and more humble to be in the presence of these radio giants and shut his mouth and just sit and keep taking notes and just sit and be quiet with his lack of sports knowledge which he demonstrates during big interviews. Who the hell is HE? A glorified intern? How did he ever get here? I watch these interviews and see Don and Mike do their thing and then all of a sudden I see this balding ugly jackass's face pop up and he NEVER has anything enlightening to say and adds nothing to the show. Don't use this opportunity to take cheap shots at Carton when he really is in no position to talk back and has enough class to back down from confrontation because he's not in a good spot ...I would love to be a fly in the car listening to Carton talk to his buddies about this interview...I'm SURE you could hear "what a dick" during that conversation....

Spoons -- “Rosenberg is like a little tiny lap dog” Carton.

Don Ceccon -- Rosenberg is a creep.

Loug G -- Peter made the interview about himself. Michael was rather quiet.

Stevec1989 -- Kay and LaGreca were tough and fair. Rosenberg was an “a-hole”. Right for the jugular basking in the entire thing.

Mark Varvara -- I don’t listen to Kay because of Rosenberg and I bet I’m not the only one that feels this way. FU Rosenberg.

Steve Kalba part 2 -- I apologize in advance for the excessive commenting but I just really thought about how disgraceful Rosenberg's behavior was during this interview. While I am not excusing what Carton did, but the guy is owning up to this--is already in the fight of his life is apologizing to everyone under the Sun and is in a very vulnerable position here. Rosenberg uses this opportunity to take cheap shots at him and accuse him of racism!?!?! Seriously? Carton handled it with class...he admitted to masoginy which I don't applaud but at least he owned up to that but I was happy to see Carton take a stand for himself when he denied being a racist here. If Carton had said anything racist do you seriously think that he would've lasted long (a la Sid Rosenberg circa 2001 and Imus in 2007) on WFAN of all places and would not have been fired and would've been all over the news WAYYY before this scandal came out? Oh because Peter Rosenberg...the glorified intern who usually brings NOTHING to the table on this show seizes this opportunity to call him out for specific things HE disagreed with in the past said it so it must be racist..according to HIM? and FURTHERMORE, how irresponsible is it to even SUGGEST that Carton was a racist...God forbid the African American and Latino population in the jail catch wind of this now you're subjecting the guy to torment and now he has to deal with angry minorities who might have been convicted of murder and rape and were associated with gangs who have a hatred for rich white people in jail over the course of 3 and a half years who are looking for any reason to go after anyone he's putting the guy in danger!!!!! If I were Carton...after things simmer down a little I would take a serious look at this and his lawyers should really consider putting pressure on Rosenberg to retract those accusations and threaten to him Rosenberg with a defamation suit and put that potential fire out if the suggestion that Carton is a racist gets any bigger!!! The guy already admitted he's TERRIFIED of going to jail...he's lost his family and his livelihood and freedom and now you put the guy in danger by making these ridiculous and baseless accusations about him being arrested just because this ugly, balding dooshe didn't like what he said and thought statements he made in the past were racist? Who the hell is HE? What an a hole...using this opportunity to attack Carton over things he said. Kay, showing class and honesty as he always did, addressed the statements Carton made against this crew like a pro, and Carton answered it with so much class and showed a lot of guts up there. Lets see Rosenberg get treated this way without having Kay and Lagreca as crutches...oh but Rosenberg is so perfect...nonsense he's probably got his own skeletons I'm sure if it were him out there alone and in a tense situation would've cried like a little bitch and ran away. Disgraceful and irresponsible cheap shot that puts the guy in more danger.

PSU0036 -- This Rosenberg clown had to keep making this about him. People want to hear Carton's story that hasn't been told publicly. Nobody cares your feelings were hurt over a name 10 yrs ago.

As an aside -- that Carton / Jennifer Capriati 'interview' was less than 10 years ago...

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