Reader says Mike Francesa just dropped a 'slave' reference | Bob's Blitz

Reader says Mike Francesa just dropped a 'slave' reference

Reader Joseph I writes:

Mike Francesa just said on his show today at roughly 4:25pm in speaking about Russell Westbrook that he has become a “slave to his statistics.” How many of these incidents have to happen before they take action against him. Last time he said something along these lines it was “you are out of your cotton picking mind” to a caller he disagreed with. He is obviously comes from a different time where language like this was acceptable and his ego allows him to think he is above reproach. In 2019 these are racist hurtful comments. With your position you can get some momentum toward exposing this out of touch out of date excuse for a man.

Joe...let's not forget the gays, 'midgets,' and 'orientals.'

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