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CNBC's biggest twits

We asked and you answered -- CNBC's 3 biggest pricks:

3. Sara Eisen -- Eisen, who has worked on not ending every sentence as if she's constipated, still acts like a brat. Asks questions that feel as if they're just to show she either knows a subject or got notes, delivered in an abrasive manner, and acts pissed off if a guest doesn't agree. And yet why is it that colleagues almost seem forced to tell her 'Yeah, yeah Sara, it's alright.' Is there a CNBC mandate to tell Sara Eisen, 'Yeah Sara, good question!'?

2. Scott Wapner -- Handles situations in an abrasive manner all the time. Not just when he's telling Josh Brown to STFU. As is CNBC's apparent goal, he turns Halftime Exchange from a debate to a fight with his douchiness.

1. Dan Nathan -- Gets almost every pick wrong yet gets into fights with everyone on the panel except for Guy Adami and immediately blocks people on Twitter who track his picks. Oddly enough Evercore's Rich Ross almost reduced Nathan to tears over his bearish 2016 - 2017 and then disappeared for good.

1A. Jim Cramer - has Cramer ever had a CEO on Mad Money who he didn't giggle through fellating?

Honorable Mention --Jon Najarian. Incessantly repeats the name of the host he's talking to. "Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel...Judge, Judge, Judge, Judge, Judge..." And that stupid goatee and, uh, hair.

Final take - If you watch enough CNBC you have to question certain products. 163% returns! 200% returns!

Odd one would need to publish books and speak around the world if you had that.

Or just running an annoying incessantly. Have to wonder just how bad is Ameritrade to A) Pick Jim Conroy for its ads and B) Not get enough referrals that they have to run the stupid Blanched Kale or It's Complicated commercials 16X a day?

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