Donald Trump packs 10,000 into Hershey's Giant Center | Bob's Blitz

Donald Trump packs 10,000 into Hershey's Giant Center

Donald Trump packed 10,000+ into the Giant Center in Hershey PA last night. While Democrats were laying the groundwork for another failed election in 2020 with the over in a month bullshit impeachment nonsense Trump was fighting for the survival of America.

As an aside - this is how stupid the Democrats are:

Donald Trump screams "NAFTA is terrible" for 3 years.

Democrats counter: NAFTA is FINE.

Team Trump negotiates USMCA.

Nancy Pelosi announces: "USMCA is MUCH BETTER than NAFTA!" And, the bandaged whacko adds, "And OUR tweaks to USMCA are much better than DJT's original agreement."

Pelosi thinks all Democrats are as dumb as AOC's constituents.

Earlier in the evening, CNBC's Tyler Mathisen summed up the moronic abuse by House Democrats with the impeachment of Donald Trump.

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