NSFW: WFAN's Mike Francesa used the 'M-Word' on-air, seven times | Bob's Blitz

NSFW: WFAN's Mike Francesa used the 'M-Word' on-air, seven times

EXCLUSIVE: New York, NY -- Munchkins are characters in the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. A 'midget' is an offensive, abusive, derogatory and hostile slur used in place of 'little person.'

WFAN's Mike Francesa used both words yesterday. 8 times. In 2 minutes.

After calling Johnny Manziel part 'Munchkin,' Francesa took aim at Cleveland FOX affiliate's “Lil’ John” Rinaldi, the little person who attended the Marvin Lewis presser. Even going as far as to suggest one should send the 'midget' to a Rex Ryan press conference for the laughs.

Francesa (left via Funtime Sports Photography) topped the abuse off by referring to Rinaldi as ... 'IT.' (Yes, he actually referred to John as it.) If you sent it to Marvin..., the shock joke said around 4 PM yesterday.

One cannot state that Marvin Lewis is 'upset' that he used the M-word adding that 'he (Lewis) meant nothing by it' and then use the word yourself.....before referring to said little person as it without a suspension, right?


Francesa, conveniently, is off today. The Little People of America organization "want the FCC to ban the word "midget" from television, claiming that the word is just as offensive as a racial slur. The community maintains that "midget" carries a history of objectification of people who have been used as a visual gag because of a physical difference."

The LPA works to bring awareness to what they believe are objectionable words for our community: "While we understand that no group can dictate what words are spoken or images are projected, we hope to continue to raise awareness around the dwarfism community and use of the word 'midget' – a word that many people of short stature consider a slur and a word closely associated with the public objectification of people of short stature. We ask that friends, allies and supporters of LPA join us in our efforts to raise public awareness around issues of community and language. Though we can’t control what people say and what content is broadcast, working together, we can ensure that people understand the impact of what they say and what they broadcast."

**Update -- Francesa's CBS Radio colleagues, Boomer & Carton, took aim at the host's slur this morning.

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