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China virus USA timeline

The coronavirus United States timeline

1/21 - 1st person with the Chinese virus arrives in U.S. from Wuhan China.
1/23 - House impeachment managers make their opening arguments to remove president Trump.
1/23 - China closes off Wuhan completely to try to stop the spread of the virus.
1/31 - President Trump declares a national health emergency, imposes a ban on travel to and from China, followed by a quarantine while Democrats did nothing but try to impeach the president and push for more witnesses.
1/31 - Biden slams Trump for his travel ban. Calling him a xenophobe/racist and said this is no time for fear-mongering.

2/05 - Impeachment charade is officially over.
2/24 - Chuck Schumer wakes up to coronavirus and accused Trump of having no plan.
3/02 - It is announced America was working on a vaccine. Trump cut regulation to speed this up.
3/15 - Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders made it clear they never would have enacted a travel ban. They want open boarders and free healthcare for all. Including illegal immigrants. Biden wants to expand Obamacare - Many people paid higher premiums. Taxes went up to help pay for it. Businesses cut employee hours to avoid covering employees.

As of 3/17 @ 4PM U.S. China virus cases via COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance:

• Total cases: 7,038
• Total deaths: 97
• Jurisdictions reporting cases: 54 (50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands)

H1N1 swine flu under Barack Obama / Joe Biden in 2009/2010:

60+ million Americans affected
300,000+ Americans hospitalized
17,000 Americans died from it

February 12th, 2010, archives, Reuters news: “Swine Flu Has Killed Up to 17,000 in U.S.” February 12th, 2010: “H1N1 Swine Flu Has Killed as Much as 17,000 Americans Including 1,800 Children – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Friday the swine flu pandemic put as many people in the hospital as during the normal influenza season, but most were younger adults and children instead of the elderly.”

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