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Phil Murphy farted & cursed at a press conference & they caught him

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy farted and cursed at a press conference and they caught him.

This is the guy giving health advice to NJ.

Are you curious why the NJEA is running non-stop ads that state the following?

In times of crisis, we pull together.

So NJEA and legislators are working on health care reform bill will save hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

As soon as the Assembly acts, Gov. Murphy can make it law. School districts and property taxpayers will save hundreds of millions. The state budget will get a boost. And educators’ families will get needed relief.

In a crisis, action matters. It’s time for the Assembly to act to get New Jersey back on its feet.

They're talking in code about 'Ch. 78 Relief and ESP Job Justice bills.' Ch. 78 would allow districts to exempt the health benefits premium relief from the 2% property tax cap. Under the New Jersey Educators Health Plan and the Garden State Plan, payroll deductions would be associated with a percentage of salary—resulting in greatly reduced health insurance contributions, in many cases thousands of dollars less.

You do the math - exempting benefits from the 2% tax cap AND offering teachers 'greatly reduced health insurance contributions' = you paying more of their benefit costs. It'll cost you, not save you anything.

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